The PlaceMaps Story

After ordering a placemat with generic roads on it for my 2-year old son and watching him run cars on it between meals, I realized how much fun a real map of our neighborhood would be. Try as I might, a heavy-duty product with a map of our neighborhood could not be found; hold-in-your-hand-maps are almost non-existent these days! As a professional planner, I realized I had the tools and know-how to create and share this valuable teaching tool with other parents and educators. The first one I created for our young son was a hit and he knew our street name within days. Quickly, he was showing us, using crayons, where each neighbor’s house is and drawing a simple route to the church playground from home.

Using addresses you input and your choice of icons, we add your child’s favorite places to a custom neighborhood map that includes real cartographic features, such as street names and north arrow. We finish it off with fun graphics and heavy duty 11"x17" lamination that will stand up to the rigors of a 2-year old at the dinner table. Your little one can also draw routes on the map with crayons, whiteboard markers or other washable writing instruments.