Why PlaceMaps


Jump start your child’s geography education by fostering creative play at home, or in the car, with real maps. Your child gains an up close look at their physical environment, including land and water forms, and nearby road characteristics. Rather than modern GPS-based maps that disappear after a location is achieved, these maps of your child’s world last for years and form the basis of their understanding of hometown geography. If your family moves often, you can amass a treasured keepsake collection of placemats representing each place your child has lived!


Ages 1 to 5

Use the neighborhood graphics to help young children develop “mental maps” using familiar landmarks.

They’ll quickly gain the ability to distinguish their name and hometown, call out their street, locate nearby parks, and find other important map features.

Simple routing between landmarks can be demonstrated by a parent or teacher.

Ages 6 and up

Older children can use the placemats for mapping out routes for the day’s activities, learning about common map features like legends and a north arrow, and gaining in-depth familiarity with surrounding streets.

Maps for long trips can be customized and laminated to provide a series of waypoints that help pass the time and understand the world flying by outside the car window.